Lessons I’ve learned this year

This year has been so hectic that I haven’t even noticed how quickly it’s gone by! While it’s been super hectic, there’s been a lot of valuable life lessons I’ve learned that I’d like to share.

1. God first always!

When you put God first, you will discover that He will always open doors that you never thought existed in your hour of need.

2. Parents aren’t always right.

They’re human beings after all, they also make mistakes. Trust their judgement and input, but do your own thinking and reflecting.

3. Don’t openly challenge your parents.

Sometimes they just don’t get it so there’s no point arguing.

4. The smaller your circle of friends, the better!

No explanation necessary. Who the heck wants drama?

5. Sharing the same blood shouldn’t automatically gain trust and loyalty.

Only people you know have your back are your parents and siblings. All other relatives need to prove their loyalty just like you would with friends. The amount of drama and backstabbing I’ve dealt with relatives this year…just terrible.

6.  Date multiple men and then choose the one who is most worthy.

As women, we tend to date very few men because it’s “bad” to talk to many men at once. Such b.s. Men will talk to as much women and then choose the one who is the best and they don’t get any rap for it. Women need to do the same.


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